Primary Care Units work so leave them alone

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Can someone tell me how long the sick people who attend Bunny Hill, Houghton and Washington Primary Care will have to wait for appointments?

To put all these people into one building will only lengthen the appointment times as we have with the GP system.

Pallion can’t cope now. I have experience of that.

After waiting in A&E for one and a half hours I was sent down to Pallion where I waited two and a quarter hours, only to be told time was a healer, no X-ray.

I went to my GP who arranged the X-ray and I am still having treatment.

Through taking old people, children and myself to all three of these Primary Care Units I can only say they work well.

They have excellent facilities, clinics and staff. Why break something up that works?

Is Sunderland Royal Hospital on a take over bid? Maternity, Primary Cares, watch out Freeman, transplants could be next.

Sunderland Royal Hospital is a nightmare for parking. The walk from the main road down to Pallion is a nightmare, the parking the same.

We lose out on a lot of funding from the Government in the North East.

Leave our Primary Cares along. They work for us.

Evelyn Barron