Parliament is full of back stabbing, treacherous politicians

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Are we all ashamed to be British?

I look at my two sons in the Navy and I am proud of them.

On remembrance day I stand beside Mowbray park and salute the glorious dead who kept Europe free, giving their lives for others.

Once upon a time we had standards and morals and respect.

My life is nearly over,but I never thought I would see a British Prime Minister begging to unelected beaurocrats, and a Parliament full of back stabbing, treacherous politicians masquerading as MPs.

Can somebody tell me how MPs, Tory and Labour, suddenly decide they are no longer representing their parties and are allowed to stay in Parliament and vote, instead of being made to stand as independants in a by-election.

And how can the three MPs for Sunderland stand on a Labour promise to back their constituents, who voted leave, and do everything in their power to cancel and thwart Brexit.

Never in my lifetime have I seen a media campaign as focused on anti Brexit as I have witnessed since the vote.

The propaganda used by Hitler pre war pales compared to the media use by Remain politicians.

When we vote for these people we deserve all we get.

Richy Mackem