Mum’s Life: Tate meets Santa

Tate meets Santa
Tate meets Santa
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OUR house has been under quarantine this weekend as both Tate and I were hit with the winter sick bug that’s going around.

Luckily, Tate’s dad arrived home a day early and despite being faced with projectile vomit from all angles, he was our knight in shining armour – mopping brows, cleaning sick-stained bedding (I would like to point out that was Tate) and supplying cups of tea and dry toast on demand.

I spent three days lying on the sofa, but thanks to the magic potion known as Calpol, Tate had pockets of energy which allowed him to generally torture his dad’s life, empty his Lego all over the floor and destroy several Christmas tree decorations.

I’m just glad the epidemic hit us before Christmas as that would have sucked the fun out of the big day!

WITH just three days to go until Christmas, Tate is definitely starting to realise that something exciting is going on.

He loved putting the Christmas tree up even if it did take him 10 minutes to put one bauble on the tree and he his fascinated by the pile of boxes, wrapping paper and ribbon in our spare room.

He also had his first encounter with Santa Claus on Monday which was met with mixed reactions.

We had gone to see Santa’s Naughty Elf And The Magic Sleigh Ride at South Shields library theatre and at the end of the show Santa greeted all the children and gave them a little present.

At first Tate was happy to join the queue, he could see the other kids walking away with big bags of Haribo and he’s never one to turn down free sweets, but as he got closer he realised a strange man dressed in red and wearing a beard was handing them out and he retreated quickly.

He wrapped himself so tightly round my legs he was like a limpet on a rock!

I finally managed to prise him off and with a bit of coaxing, he was willing to accept his gift.

I also persuaded him to sit with me next to Santa for a photo, as you can see the Haribo took centre stage – he couldn’t take his eyes off the packet.