Mum’s Life: Tate is outnumbered

Tate and Orla in a stand-off
Tate and Orla in a stand-off
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LAST week Tate and I travelled down to York to spend the weekend with my brother and his family.

Tate is outnumbered when we visit as he has two cousins and they are both girls but nevertheless he still gets really excited at the prospect of playing with them.

He adores Eva who is four and she spends the whole time mothering him and telling him what he can and can’t do – she also teaches him how to get up to mischief, not that he needs any encouragement.

On the flipside one-year-old Orla is his number one nemesis – anything she has he wants and anything he plays with results in her screaming and tackling him to the floor.

Even the most simple things can cause an all-out war between these two and while we were there myself and my sister-in-law had to take turns being referee.

As you can see from the picture neither one is prepared to roll over!

The weekend of battles came to a head when my sister-in-law put Orla in her cot. She was shouting and crying and Tate, being the wind-up merchant that he is, decided to push her buttons.

He reached into her cot to steal her toy horse but what he hadn’t bargained for was Orla’s cat-like reflexes.

I wasn’t in the room but all I could here was Orla screaming like a wild thing, Tate crying his eyes out and amongst the chaos I heard Eva say: “Auntie Cara, Orla is trying to pull Tate’s head through the bars and he’s crying.”

I know I shouldn’t laugh but it was like a comedy sketch when I walked in.

Tate was being restrained by his hair by Orla who was like a caged animal but he was still triumphantly holding her toy horse with no sign of letting go.

Once I prised them apart they exchanged a look of ‘I’ll get you next time’ and that was the end of it.

I’m hoping it’s something they will grow out of and this is not what their relationship will continue to be like.

I suppose sharing isn’t something that a two-year-old or a one-year-old can understand.

We’re visiting them again this weekend – ding ding ding, round two here we go!