Mum’s Life: Seamless wobblers and lemon tops

Tate gets to grips with a lemon top
Tate gets to grips with a lemon top
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TATE’S favourite toys at the minute are his farm animals and his tractor.

They go everywhere with him.

So you can imagine his delight when we took him to Mini Moos Farm, in Edmondsley, and all of the animals he loves were brought to life.

He spent the five hours we were there squealing and shouting everytime he got close to a pig, donkey or a rabbit.

But the one thing he wanted more than the animals was the electric miniature tractors.

He went on with his daddy, but one go wasn’t enough for him and several pound coins later the novelty still hadn’t worn off.

I resorted to leaving him sitting on the stationary tractor, but a serious temper tantrum soon followed when it was time to go.

How does a 15-month-old know how to throw a wobbler quite so seamlessly?

Tate is tantrum perfect, and I have no idea were he has learnt this skill – it’s not like I scream, shout and throw myself on the floor when I don’t get my own way.

His dad says I’m too soft with him but I think it’s because he’s super clever – he’s realised very quickly the art form of manipulation and by perfecting it, what pleasure it brings him!

FINALLY I gave in and took Tate for his first hair-cut.

I wanted to take him to a hairdressers, but they were all either fully booked or closed, so off to the barbers we went.

He was not impressed. He was wriggling as a gown was put round him then he sat stern-faced, waiting to see what the hairdresser would do next.

I’ve got to say the lady cutting his hair did a great job considering he spent the whole time shaking his head from side to side and trying to escape.

I rescued a few of his first hairs and popped them in one of his keepsake boxes when we got home.

I’m not sure he’ll appreciate it when he’s 18 and I hand him a box of old hair, but for me it’s an occasion that should be remembered.

ICE cream is Tate’s dessert of choice this month.

Last month it was too cold for his taste buds, but now he can’t get enough of the stuff.

I took him to get a lemon top in Seaton Carew, which is something I used to do as a child, and he could not get it in his mouth fast enough.

It was hilarious watching him try to figure out how to eat it, most of it ended up on his face or down his top, but he seemed to enjoy it anyway.