Mum’s Life: No need for scaremongering

Tate amidst the daffodils
Tate amidst the daffodils
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I REGULARLY take Tate swimming and he’s getting very confident in the water, which I’m really pleased about.

For the past few months I’ve been taking him myself but last week we returned to a class run by an instructor which teaches tots nursery rhymes and actions they can do in the water. You are also encouraged to dunk your child so they get used to being under the water.

Tate loves it and he spends the full half-hour playing with the toys and generally squealing with excitement – unfortunately I think it may be the last time I take him to the class as our session didn’t end well.

After he’s been in the pool Tate loves getting in the shower. It’s his favourite thing to do and I always strip him off, wash him down and let him stand under the water while I get washed.

This week one of the members of staff who had been teaching a class in the pool got in the shower next to us and after the usual pleasantries she proceeded to tell me that they don’t encourage children being stripped off in the showers because ‘the world we live in, unfortunately, is full of paedophiles.’

I was so shocked at what she had just said I didn’t know what to say. My little boy was innocently having a wash as he does every week and I now felt like a terrible parent.

She continued to explain that this piece of advice was part of something called Leisure Watch: “We encourage parents not to take their children’s clothes off as we don’t want to encourage paedophiles to come here”.

What a frightening outlook on life.

I take on board what she said but bad people in the world should not stop good people living their lives normally.

Tate having a wash is completely innocent and I would have liked to have kept it that way, not be subject to scare mongering – next week I think we will try a different pool. What a shame ...

FOR the first time this year Tate and I were able to walk to his swimming class. It’s so much nicer to get out in the fresh air than be cooped up inside the car or house.

He loved it. He’s so independent that being allowed to walk anywhere on his own without getting in his pushchair is a real treat, but it didn’t take him long to get up to mischief.

He was toddling along when he found a huge group of daffodils. Like most little boys he’s very destructive and he ran with the intention of stomping right through the middle of them until I shouted at him to stop.

The first sign that spring is here and my two-year-old nearly destroyed it – however once I explained you have to walk around them he was more than happy to run rings round the flowers and even pose for a picture!