Mum’s Life: ‘Mummy, have you been a sausage?’

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TATE spends every Friday with my mum and dad and as he’s getting older my dad has decided to teach him weird and wonderful things to say just for his own amusement.

This week I picked him up and he said: “Mummy, have you been a sausage?”

I was as confused as you probably are now until I saw my dad laughing.

Apparently Tate had asked where I was and grandad had told him that I had gone a message.

Tate can’t say message, but he can say sausage, so my dad decided that was a good enough substitute – I do wonder who is the child sometimes.

AS it was the Jubilee I felt we should celebrate in some way on Tuesday, but there were no street parties or celebrations going on where we live – just the odd limp Union Flag drenched by the wonderful bank holiday weather.

So I decided to have a mooch into town with Tate and have a few celebratory Pimms in honour of our Majesty.

Unfortunately some of my favourite bars when I’m out and about in adult company are not so accommodating when it comes to toddlers, so it was difficult to decide where to go.

I finally opted for Revolution in Low Row. I had pre-booked a table so it was patriotically decorated with red, white and blue balloons and they couldn’t have been more accommodating when I turned up with a buggy in tow.

I don’t know about other parents but I often feel like people stare disapprovingly at you when you take a child into a public house.

I’m not sure why there is a stigma attached to children being in pubs. I think as long as it’s during the day and you’re not getting pie eyed, then why not?

Us parents still enjoy socialising even though we have children. I could understand the disapproving glares if it was 10pm on a Saturday night, but not 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon.

It was nice to be made to feel welcome at Revolution and Tate loved it. Not only could he sit in a booth like a big boy but our lovely waitress, Danielle, even went out of her way to make him his own non-alcoholic cocktail.

When it arrived it was even more impressive than the ones my friend and I had been drinking and the novelty of his drink kept him amused for ages.

So a big thank you to Revolution for making families feel welcome. We will definitely be back!