Mum’s Life: Mmmmm, sand!

Tate tucking into sand
Tate tucking into sand
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TATE was returned to me with his first war wound on Friday.

He had been at Grandma and Grandads and while at the local park, he had decided to slide face down across the pavement.

I think there were a lot of tears from Tate and Grandma, who was supposed to be watching him.

He now has several huge scabs down the front of his nose and large graze on his forehead.

You would think this was the lesson he needed in putting his hands out to break his fall, but true to form he learnt nothing.

The next day he fell again and decided to rescue his milk from spilling instead of his cheekbone from the road - we now have another bruise to add to the collection.

WE took advantage of the hot weather at the weekend and took a family trip to Barnes Park for a picnic.

My friend took me there the week before and I was so impressed I felt it deserved another visit.

So we popped Tate in his smart trike, packed a few sandwiches and some spare clothes and headed across town.

If you haven’t been yet the park has had a remarkable face lift with play areas for all ages and Tate’s favourite - the water fountain.

When we got there I stripped him down to his shorts, lathered him in suncream and sent him on his way.

He was so excited to see the older children jumping in and out of the fountain that he ran as fast as he could into the cold water.

The freezing water temperature soon changed his mind and he turned round and tried to clamber up his daddy’s leg to escape.

Tate has a tiny appetite.

It doesn’t matter what I make him he has about three bites and he’s done.

This really surprises me as both me and his dad regularly eat our own body weight in food.

But this lack of enthusiasm for regular meals doesn’t stop him putting other things in his mouth.

He loves nothing more than throwing his vegetables on the floor and then once he’s released from his high chair it’s a race to sweep them all up before he pops them in his mouth.

He also spent ten minutes on a recent trip to Roker beach shovelling handfuls of sand in there too.

Much to his dad’s despair he actually seemed to enjoy it - I’m not sure if this is good or bad for his digestion but it says a lot about my cooking!