Mum’s Life: Mission accomplished

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MY boiler broke this week and much to Tate’s delight, this meant I had to dust off the baby bath so I could get him clean.

He could not contain his excitement as he danced naked round the bathroom while he watched me fill it up with the kettle.

Like most one-year-olds, he loves anything different, so even though he has a bath every day, the fact that he was sat in a tiny container, made the whole experience brand new.

It was strange seeing him in that bath again. Last time he was in it he was just a little dot and it made me realise just how much he had grown. I think when they are in front of you every day you don’t quite appreciate how much they are changing.

Unfortunately, once Tate was in the bath he didn’t want to get out. Clinging to the sides, with a duck in his mouth, he refused to move on to the next bedtime stage of getting dry and dressed.

I decided to go for the element of surprise and after five minutes of watching him throw water everywhere, I made a quick grab for him and the mission was accomplished.

ALSO, due to the boiler, I was forced to drag him out of bed at 7am so I could use my colleague Alison’s shower before work.

When we arrived at her front door with matching bed heads and still in our pyjamas, I think she was regretting making the offer.

Tate, however, was more than pleased with his new playground. While I got ready he played sword fights with Alison using a tooth brush and toothpaste as his weapon of choice – it’s amazing what will keep a small child entertained.

He then hopped up on her cream chair (you can tell she doesn’t have kids as cream furniture is a no no) and made himself comfortable, posing for Alison as she took a few snaps.

It made a change being able to get ready while someone else kept him entertained – same time tomorrow Alison?

TATE is refusing to eat anything at the minute, unless he can feed himself and as he’s yet to understand the concept of cutlery, it’s finger food all the way.

We had a major mother/baby clash when I confiscated his spoon, he was trying to eat fruit loaf with it – well actually he had created a hole and shoved the spoon through it and was waving it around his head.

Being the responsible parent, I quickly removed this distraction only to be greeted with a fist full of mushed up fruit loaf in my hair, a floor full of crumbs and a screaming child.

I’ve decided all cutlery will now remain in the drawer until he’s old enough to know what it’s real purpose is.