Mum’s Life: Mini vampires and choo choo trains

I vant a chocolate biscuit
I vant a chocolate biscuit
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WE travelled down to Cambridge last weekend to spend Halloween with Tate’s dad – he’s in the Royal Marines and that’s where he’s based. It had been seven weeks since we had seen him and it was lovely to see Tate’s face when he saw his daddy at the train station.

I was instantly knocked off the top spot – daddy’s boy!

I spend weeks feeding him, bathing him, reading stories and playing with him and as soon as he see’s his dad I’m out of the picture. How does that work?

I’ve decided it’s the novelty and deep down I’m still his favourite

TATE loves dressing up and I bought him a costume for the children’s Halloween party at his dad’s base.

He looked so cute as a mini vampire but it didn’t last long – he was quickly shovelling cakes and sweets into his mouth when we got to the party so he was covered in chocolate.

Then he pulled the hat off, then the cape and finally the waist coat – the only thing he couldn’t get off were the trousers, but as he spent most of his time on the slide in the park outside these were the best bit.

They were made of slippy nylon, you see, so he shot off the slide like a bullet – he thought this was hilarious, although it frightened the life out of me every time he did it.

They really know no fear at this age!

WE spent last week in Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs with our friends. It was lovely to have a break as a family and Tate was so excited to spend time with his playmate Rhys.

He’s our friend’s little boy and there is only three months between them.

It was so nice to see them interacting but I did find out that Tate is very possessive over his toys.

Everything Rhys picked up Tate shouted “no” and tried to take it off him.

I’ve been told sharing is the hardest lesson to learn and as he is such a daddy’s boy I think I’ll leave this task to his dad.

I HAVE to give the organisers of the Ashbrooke Sports Centre firework display a mention. We went along on Saturday night and the display was fantastic.

We were right at the front and in hindsight we would have been better off standing further back as it was so loud and we had to stand looking straight up for the whole thing.

Tate didn’t mind though – he didn’t take his eyes off the sky for one second.

But it wasn’t just the fireworks that had Tate mesmerised, there was also a mini fair in the grounds and he wanted to go on everything!

He finally decided that the small train that went round in circles was the ride he wanted to try and I had to cram myself into a child-sized train carriage so he could go on.

He loved it though and shouted “choo choo” all the way round – but at least I wasn’t the only parent trying to look happy about the experience.