Mum’s Life: ‘It’s probably the biggest favour he’s ever done me’

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IT’S quite a relief when you finally get a logical answer to a problem – especially when it’s something to do with your child’s health.

 After several years of doctors’ appointments, tests and no real progress, our GP has finally diagnosed Nick with migraine.

 Unpleasant, as anyone who has migraines knows, but at least we have a starting point on how to treat and live with them.

 He’s been having what he’s called “funny feelings” for years and we thought he might have a form of epilepsy like me, but EEGs remained inconclusive.

 He could go months without having one then have several in a week, having strange sensations, sometimes being sick and being very tired afterwards.

 But last week, there was a change.

 He started getting visual disturbances and then the awful headache – classic migraine symptoms.

 When this happened for three days in a row, I got him an emergency doctor’s appointment – you can never be too sure.

 We got a cancellation. “Can you come in at 9.50?” the receptionist said.

 “What time is it now?” I asked. “9.30,” she replied.

 I was 12 miles away and unable to drive.

 Luckily, it was grandma to the rescue once again (what would we do without her?).

 Of course, the rushing was pointless – they were in the waiting room for 40 minutes.

 Anyway, it looks like migraines – or the pre-headache stages – that have been causing the problems.

 Hormones are most probably the thing that’s pushed them on another stage.

 Now it’s a case of keeping a diary of attacks, and possible trigger factors.

 And if they still keep coming in clusters, he can go on medication – but at the minute, it’s just painkillers.

 Strangely enough, I used to suffer from really bad migraines – my vision would go, right side of my body would go numb, then I’d feel sick (and be sick).

 They’d knock me out for a full day.

 Yet after Nick was born, I haven’t had a single attack … it’s probably the biggest favour he’s ever done me!