Mum’s Life: ‘If looks could kill’

Thomas and Tate
Thomas and Tate
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I HAD to leave my little man for five days last week to go on my hen do in Marbella, but he didn’t seem too bothered as his dad is home at the moment and he’s a real daddy’s boy so he was chuffed to bits at being able to spend some quality time with him.

For five days I received a running commentary on how they were enjoying their boys only time together, including pictures of Tate enjoying being showered with gifts.

I didn’t stand a chance when it came to being missed by Tate when he was getting his hands on giant Thomas balloons and Lightening McQueen lunchboxes.

As his dad is away a lot Tate really thrives on one-on-one attention from him, and to be honest, even though I become a third wheel it’s a pleasure to watch the father-son bond getting stronger.

I’m really lucky in the fact my parents are still together and they raised me as a team, although my dad was also away a lot so I understand Tate’s craving for attention.

Although he gets lots of presents, if he’s anything like me it’s not the gifts he’ll remember, it’s the time he spends with his dad that will form his best memories.

So although I am slightly apprehensive about leaving the boys to fend for themselves ( I had to leave a note to remind Tate’s dad to make him a packed lunch for toddlers and drop him off at the child minder on time) I shouldn’t have worried because Tate loved it.

As much as Tate drives me mad, as I bring him up single-handed most of the time, when he’s not around my life is very quiet and almost predictable!

I found myself half-way through the holiday wanting someone to have a temper tantrum in the middle of the supermarket just so I could feel useful.

So after five days I was ready to pick up the parenting reigns again and when I went to pick Tate up I had imagined an excited little boy full of cuddles – what I got was an excited little boy wanting to know where his daddy was – perfect!

It was then down to me to inform him that his daddy was now in Spain and he was stuck with me again – if looks could kill.

I managed to get a few cuddles out of him after bribing him with a gift from my holiday but I’ve resided myself to the fact his current favourite parent is not me.

Oh well, I’m sure it’s swings and roundabouts ...