Mum’s life: ‘I’m sure he’ll look super cute on the day’

Partners in crime
Partners in crime
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HOW do you get a two-year-old to eat their vegetables?

Well, I used my imagination this week and somehow managed to convince Tate to eat sweetcorn. He normally turns his nose up at veg, the only thing he likes is broccoli and potatoes.

But this particular meal time was a victory for me. Instead of giving him sweetcorn on its own I opted for corn on the cob – who would have thought that sticking a metal skewer through it so he could hold it either side would change his vegetable eating habits?

He nibbled his way around the whole cob – there was not one piece of corn left.

I’m hoping that as he enjoyed this new way of eating so much that he will add sweetcorn to his list of favourite foods which already includes prawns, noodles and ham.

I’m hoping to expand this list soon as there is not much you can make with just those ingredients!

GETTING Tate to stand still is a real mission and trying to measure him at the same time is even harder.

As I’m getting married in August and my husband-to-be is a Marine, Tate will be wearing a miniature version of his dad’s posh uniform.

I’m sure he will look super-cute on the day. Unfortunately, due to his wriggling tendencies, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the uniform will actually fit him.

When I measured his waist he stuck his tummy right out so he could look at his belly button so no doubt a belt will be needed. He wouldn’t keep his arms or legs straight and he shook his head when I tried to measure it for his cap.

I’m expecting to receive a uniform that looks like it’s shrunk in the wash and a hat that covers his eyes!

TATE is definitely developing a naughty streak. He has a twinkle in his eye when you tell him he can’t do something and he waits until you’re not looking and just does it anyway.

 One of his favourite ‘naughty’ things to do at the minute is getting my parents’ dogs to trash the flower beds and bushes.

 He’s figured out that if he throws sticks, stones and anything else he can get his hands on into the centre of my parents’ foliage, the dogs will take a running jump and end up in the middle of the plants.

 I’m not sure why he gets so much enjoyment out of this, but it doesn’t matter how many time my dad tells him not to, he still does it.

 Unfortunately it’s the dogs who get the short end of the stick as they get a rollicking from my dad. But as it’s not my flower beds, watching Tate’s mischief is great fun for me.