Mum’s Life: ‘I know he’ll be centre of attention’

Tate's uniform, just like dad's
Tate's uniform, just like dad's
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THESE past few weeks have been hectic for us in the build-up to our wedding, but my son Tate has been totally unphased.

He doesn’t care what the colour scheme is or how many people are going to be at the reception, as long as all his toddler friends are there he’ll be champion.

I’m hoping that he manages to hold it together through the service as all parents will know getting a two-year-old to sit still is an impossible task, but with so many people there (and he’ll think they are there to see him) he’ll be bouncing in his seat with excitement.

I know he’ll be centre of attention as he is wearing a mini version of his dad’s Royal Marines uniform – no one is going to care about my dress when his royal cuteness walks down the aisle.

Saying that, we have to get him to wear it first. The uniform comes complete with a hat which he has already told me is too heavy and gloves, so if it’s a hot day we may have a fight on our hands.

I’m hoping he is going to walk hand-in-hand with my youngest niece, but regular readers of this column will know that currently they are sworn enemies.

Hopefully they can put their toy-sharing differences to one side just for one day!

MY brother said to me that he thinks Tate needs a sibling, he reckons that will sort out his bad behaviour and his attention seeking towards me.

I’m not convinced, although as I’m soon to be a married women, increasing the size of our brood has crossed my mind.

However, every time I think I’m coming round to the idea of having another one, Tate will throw some mischief my way and I realise how hard it would be to go back through it all again.

For me, when I planned to have Tate, it was definitely through rose-tinted glasses.

I felt ready to be a parent and I told anyone that would listen that my child would be the best behaved as I wouldn’t tolerate naughtiness.

Then out he popped and reality took over with a bang. I’m still dealing with sleepless nights and Tate weeing on my wood flooring is really starting to wear thin.

So, as a parent, how do you make that life-changing decision to go back to day zero? Back to the days of constant vomit, feeds every two hours and leaking nappies.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer, but I do have a great excuse to put it on hold.

My husband-to-be is heading to Afghanistan in January so no baby trying until at least November.

Why? Because I’m quite happy to bring Tate up on my own while his dad earns the pennies, but I refuse to give birth on my own while his dad fights the Taliban.

There are definitely some things you shouldn’t do alone and birth is one of them – so I have a good few months to way up all the pro’s and con’s.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on what I decide!