Mum’s Life: ‘I can’t bear to see them go’

Echo features writer Cara Houchen with her one year - old son Tate
Echo features writer Cara Houchen with her one year - old son Tate
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FOR the past few weeks the hot topic when it comes to Tate is his hair.

I love it, it’s long and out of control, but oh so cute.

When he wakes up in a morning it sticks out in every direction, but he looks adorable and I have formed a real attachment to his lovely locks.

My parents, on the other hand, think it’s a nuisance.

They can’t understand why I would leave it to grow so long, and they constantly complain that his fringe is in his eyes.

They are not the only ones, his surrogate Auntie Katy has also voiced her concerns, and the last time she looked after him I half expected to come home and find him with a short back and sides.

So when do you make the decision to allow someone to take their scissors to your child’s hair for the first time?

There is something very sentimental about those baby hairs, I waited so long for them to arrive that now I can’t bear to see them go.

I obviously don’t want him to look like a girl, but at the same time I don’t want him to have a skinhead either.

When it happens I don’t think I will watch.

I’ll probably stand with my back to the hairdresser with Tate’s first curl box in my hand waiting for the whole traumatic experience to be over.

Tate will be none the wiser, but no doubt I’ll be in floods of tears and he’ll be looking at me like I’ve gone mad.

I HAD my first experience of toddler sick this week, and it wasn’t pleasant.

Tate has never been a particularly sicky baby, so he caught me off guard with his tribute to The Exorcist.

The smell of curdled milk and the cottage cheese-style vomit pushed me dangerously close to being sick myself.

The reason for this projectile sick is yet to be explained – apparently kids just do that from time to time.

TATE’S latest phase is raspberry- blowing, and not just any old raspberry blowing.

These are wet, in your face and at inappropriate moments.

And guess what? He thinks it’s hilarious.

You think he’s coming to give you a nice cuddle. Wrong! It’s raspberry time.

A nice old lady peeps in his pushchair and yes you guessed it – an opportunity not to be missed for my little boy.

I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it, but I fear this could be just the start of many disgusting boy habits he will pick up through the years.