Mum’s Life: Eureka!

Tate falls asleep at the wheel...
Tate falls asleep at the wheel...
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YAY! Tate’s Christmas present finally arrived last week, his black battery-powered Audi.

It was the second car we had received as the one that did arrive in time for Christmas day didn’t work. So after a long battle with, who claimed it was our fault it wasn’t working, not theirs, they finally backed down and sent us a brand new model.

And even though Tate had seen the car before he was still super excited when his dad opened the box and started putting it together.

We decided to drive Tate to the park in it so he could have a good run out in his belated gift. As he sat and munched a packet of quavers his dad used the remote control to drive the toy car.

Unfortunately its top speed is about 2mph so let’s just say it was a long walk to Mowbray Park, and on the way back Tate got so bored he decided to take a nap!

I think once he’s old enough to drive it himself it will be money well spent, but for now it’s just a huge remote control car for his dad to enjoy playing with.

WE turned Tate’s cot into a bed this week and it felt like the final step into toddler-hood. I was quite sad when I walked into his room and he was sat on his big boy bed.

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since we first brought him home and he was just a little dot laid in a huge cot and now if he stretches out he’s nearly the full length of it.

But I didn’t dwell on it for too long as I soon realised Tate having a proper bed was the answer to my two years of sleep deprivation.

For some reason removing the bars of his cot now means he goes to bed at 7pm and pretty much sleeps right through until 7am – eureka!

If I had known that was the answer I would have converted his bed a long time ago and if I ever have another baby there shall be no cot – they will go straight into a bed ... no more sleepless nights for me!

OVER the past fortnight there have been a lot of changes to Tate’s routine but they have been for the best.

I decided it was time to tackle the bottle and his obsession with milk, so he went cold turkey and he is no longer allowed a bottle during the day – if he wants milk he has to have it in a beaker.

Surprisingly he hasn’t complained and he doesn’t ask for milk until bed time. This change means he now eats more – I sit and watch him at tea time in wonder!

I’ve never seen him eat so much and when he asks for seconds I cant stop smiling – he finally has an appetite because he’s not full of milk.