Mum’s Life: Down to the nitty gritty

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I WAS in two minds as to whether I should write about this topic or not as it’s easy for people to judge when it comes to this issue.

But I finally decided that it’s something every parent has to deal with at some point in their child’s life and any advice my experience can offer has got to be a positive that comes out of this embarrassing problem ... let me explain!

A couple of weeks ago we had a few visitors, shall we say. They had been with us for a while, I just hadn’t noticed.

I’m talking about nits, or head lice or bugs or crawlies or any other name you want to give them.

I only found them in Tate’s hair by chance, so I dread to think if I hadn’t started itching how long they would have been under the radar.

I had been itching for a few days and I thought it was due to using a different shampoo but just to be on the safe side I shampooed us all with something called Hedrin, a chemical designed to kill head lice.

I didn’t expect to find anything but the next morning when I was ready to wash it off I found a couple of strange white ‘eggs’ in my hair. I then ran a nit comb through Tate’s hair only to find he had loads of unwelcome squatters in his hair.

I ran a mile as my hair is so long and thick that if they got in I would never get them out.

So it was down to daddy to de-louse poor Tate. He had no idea what was going on and he hadn’t even scratched!

I spent the next week obsessively combing through my hair just in case they had found a way in and sitting and methodically checking Tate’s – it took nearly two weeks but I can finally say he is nit free.

Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. Every time I was checking his hair I was finding loads of what I thought were little white eggs.

They were stuck to his hair and they were impossible to get off – I was terrified they would all hatch and I’d have to start again but after a little bit of research I’ve now find out they are just the empty shells that the lice hatch from.

They are so sticky that they remain on the hair – there are a number of methods to get rid of them. You can let them grow out, pick them all out with your fingers ( I tried this, I sat Tate in front of CBeebies for an hour and I wasn’t much further on than when I started) or the parents’ saviour – the nitty gritty comb.

It’s available at most pharmacies and it uses old-fashioned metal teeth to make sure that no egg, nit or louse is left standing.

It really is fantastic and it saves you dousing your child’s scalp in unnecessary chemicals.

I still haven’t found out where our unwelcome visitors came from, no one at playgroup has reported it and none of my family have them so it remains a mystery.

One things for sure – I’ll be getting the new comb out every week to make sure I never have to deal with them again!