Mum’s Life: best time of the year

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I THINK I actually love this time of year more than Tate!

We have spent the past week-and-a-half carving pumpkins, dressing up as skeleton pirates and indulging in hot dogs while watching fireworks.

It’s the first year that Tate has understood what is going on and he loved being able to wear his fancy dress for a whole day on Halloween.

Not only has he thrown himself into this fun time of the year, but we’ve been lucky enough to visit his dad so we could share it as a family.

It was our last visit to RAF Brampton near Cambridge this weekend as John will be at home throughout December before he heads to Afghanistan.

I’m sure Tate will be disappointed as he was starting to look forward to our mammoth train journey every Friday evening.

It is the only time he actually behaves himself. Yes, he does spend about half an hour running up and down the carriage but he does it quietly and that is enough for me.

It’s quite sad to think we won’t visit the base again as we had made some lovely friends and they all adored Tate, but I suppose that is the military life we have to get used to now.

I have no doubt Tate will have everyone wrapped around his little finger on John’s next base.

I TOOK Tate to the doctor this week as he’s been suffering from a cold for weeks now and had started to lose his voice (granted, not a bad thing, but I thought I better get him checked).

He used to be in and out of the surgery all the time when he was little as he seemed to pick up everything going but he’s been OK for the past year.

During this visit he actually told the doctor what was wrong which is a first and he loved watching him listen to his chest with his stethoscope.

Despite being given the all-clear, the doctor did diagnose a skin pigment which Tate has had on his back since he was about six months.

It was only small to start with but now it’s quite big and visible so I was a bit worried but it turns out it’s just something known as a Strawberry Nevus and apparently it should be gone by the time he is six.

I asked why he had it and what the point of it was. The doctor said there is no reason why he would get it and there is no explanation for why they occur. At least I now know what it is though.