Mum’s Life: A date with my man

Tate tucks in
Tate tucks in
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TATE was a real gentleman this week when he took me out for tea on Valentine’s Day – well, he accompanied me and I paid for it!

Tate’s dad is in the Royal Marines and as any other military wife/fiancée/girlfriend will know, men in the forces are rarely home for special occasions and February 14 is no different, so I decided to celebrate the love of the little man in my life instead.

We went for an early tea at DoZo in High Street West and Tate absolutely loved it.

Walking around looking at all the different dishes on the buffet Tate pointed out what he wanted and he couldn’t get back to the table quick enough.

He loves pasta, no matter what shape or size, so noodles were his dish of choice, accompanied by chicken, prawn crackers and sweet and sour sauce.

I thought things were going quite well. I kept him away from the chocolate fountain and he was tucking in to his dinner with little resistance. He even sat at the table when I went to get him some more food.

But as with all toddlers, they will only sit for so long and his sweet tooth started calling him in the direction of the desserts.

So began the first trip of about seven to the pudding section. Tate managed to eat four marshmallows dipped in the chocolate fountain, one jelly, one creme brulée, a chocolate jelly pud and a duck pancake to finish.

Most parents would think this was gluttony.

For me, it was a miracle.

Tate has no appetite – or rather he has a selective appetite.

Sometimes he’ll eat anything you put in front of him and other times he’ll eat half a chip and a bean and he’s full, so it was a real treat to watch him enjoying food.

l TATE’S speech is coming on in leaps and bounds.

He can now put sentences together and can repeat any word but my favourite addition to his vocabulary has got to be “love you Mummy”.

Even though he usually only says it after he’s been in the bad books, it makes me smile and I realise I must be doing something right!