Mum’s Life: ‘12 superb cakes minus the topping’

Tate the baker
Tate the baker
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TATE attempted his first cake baking session this week.

I stripped him down to his nappy as I imagined he would probably end up covered in most of the ingredients and popped him on a step so he could reach the work top.

I have to confess that it was a cupcake packet mix, but it did include Thomas the Tank Engine stickers, which he thoroughly enjoyed sticking all over his toys.

I obviously did the mixing and baking, but Tate took full control of the icing and decorating of his Thomas-themed cakes.

His idea of icing involved spooning it onto a cake and then picking up the cake and licking all the icing off before moving onto the next one.

As funny as this was to watch, I did have to intervene or we would have ended up with 12 superbly licked cakes minus the topping. We then moved onto the small train-shaped sprinkles and sugar paper Thomas characters.

As I sprinkled them on, Tate picked them off. He ended up with more icing on him than on any of his cakes, however he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I can’t wait to bake with him again.

IT’S come to my attention that 18-month-old children are far too clever for their own good.

Tate is a whizz with technology already, which really frightens me as I have only just got to grips with it myself.

He loves to play with my mobile phone, which was never a problem before as I could lock it and he couldn’t accidentally ring someone in America for seven hours.

But recently he has figured out how to unlock it. I have an iPhone which I struggle to use and I’m 27. Without any help, Tate has figured out how to use the touch screen, slide the unlock button across and start using all the apps he can get his little fingers on. At first I thought he had done it by accident, so I gave him the phone back and watched him do it again – I was fascinated and I instantly wanted to find out what else he could do.

During the week I have discovered that he knows how to load the washing machine and change channels on the TV – now I just need to teach him how to sweep and mop the floors.

AFTER months of battling with Tate to get him to go to bed at a reasonable hour and trying to get him to sleep through the night I think his dad and I have finally cracked it.

His dad is convinced that he is afraid of the dark, so he finally got round to fixing the lamp in Tate’s bedroom in order to put his theory to the test.

As of Sunday night, Tate’s bedtime routine now involves a bath, half an hour to play, brushing his teeth followed by a story and a bottle of milk. The difference is now the lamp is left on throughout the whole routine until he falls asleep.

This week he has laid down in his cot at 7pm without so much as a grumble, listened to his story, finished his milk and then he’s out like a light.

For the first time in 18 months I have enjoyed two full nights’ sleep in a row – it’s heaven, I just hope it continues.