Linda Colling: ‘The horses looked more sophisticated’

Female racegoers make their way home after Ladies' Day at Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool.
Female racegoers make their way home after Ladies' Day at Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool.
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AS France bans the burka, imposing £130 fines on women caught wearing Islamic veils, we should take note – there are many offensive sights in this country which should be outlawed, not least when the sun comes out.

That applies to both men and women. Our mini heatwave was the cue for all shapes and sizes to strip off in public and parade the flesh in the most unsightly and unseemly of ways.

Spotted walking into Aldi topless, baring beer belly and acres of rippling flab, was a fella who looked like a giant, pink prawn.

On Chester Road, a quartet of 20-odd year-old jerks got out of a car, all topless showing off tattooed legs, one spitting his way into the garage where they bought a load of cans.

The sun is the trigger for the most offensive displays of inappropriate dress in streets and shopping centres.

There’s nothing more disgusting than seeing fat fellas strolling topless in shorts, women wobbling all over, baring bits that would be better covered up than exposed in crop-tops, bikini tops and micro minis. These aren’t just crimes against fashion they are downright disgusting.

And it’s high time we banned the pyjama brigade who have no sense of decorum in showing off their night attire in supermarkets and insist on displaying their jim-jams everywhere as if it’s par for the course.

Well it ain’t, any more than the common as muck get-ups so many women wore at Aintree for Ladies’ Day. What a misnomer. The horses looked more sophisticated.

While the snappers had a field day snapping complete clips of women – of course there were elegant ones there – the fact remains why do women choose to look so shockingly awful?

Some looked like hookers, flaunting tattoos in backless, bum-skimming minis, hideous frocks that clung to all the wrong places and eye-popping, busting-out-all-over dresses.

Stripping off isn’t a turn-on. It’s a total turn-off and once this would never have happened. Now it appears to be quite acceptable to bare all to all and sundry.

You don’t see Continentals behaving in this fashion. It’s a sign that people have lost respect for themselves and others, given the sights we see.

What are they thinking about? There is nothing attractive about such exposure. How I wish more mayors took their lead from Mayor Luigi Bobbio who to “restore urban decorum and facilitate better civil co-existence”, imposed a ban on people wearing revealing clothing in the seaside town of Castellammare di Stabia.

Offenders face fines of between 25 euros (£22) and 500 euros (£440).

His ban last year included miniskirts. His aim is to improve what he calls standards of public decency.

And he was cracking down on what is deemed to be anti-social behaviour.

I reckon he got it right in his “nothing too revealing” policy.

How easy this is to police is quite another matter.

In this country we are crying out for restoring standards. We need a nationwide campaign to outlaw so much that is offensive because millions no longer have the wit to know what to wear when or where.