Linda Colling: Sunderland, Washington and Newcastle top of the adultery charts ... but why are they all so keen to kiss and tell?

The start of another sneaky get-together (picture posed by models).
The start of another sneaky get-together (picture posed by models).
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SO Wearside is a hotbed of adultery in the North East’s top 10 favourite hotels for illicit liaisons.

That’s our latest claim to shame. Do I care a toss that the region’s favourite hotel for adulterers is the Travelodge on Newcastle Quayside, in second place, Washington Travelodge on the A1(M), then the Premier Inn on Sunderland’s Timber Beach Road and yet another Travelodge at Whitemare Pool?

No. Nor is it any surprise to me that a number of the area’s most prestigious landmark hotels, including celebs haunt Malmaison in Newcastle and the 5-star Rockliffe Hall, near Darlington are named.

Other bedfellows include the Bannatyne Hotel at Durham, the Novotel, Newcastle Airport, the Holiday Inn, Seaton Burn and the Premier Inn, Middlesbrough.

What I do care about is that the so-called “UK’s premier dating website for married people and those already in a relationship” would, on the backs of some 3,500 adulterous members, come up with this cheap and nasty publicity stunt.

Definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel. How low can you go?

What I found more shocking than this was their website of explicit images.

Of course, I wasn’t shocked by the 10 times-over response of “No commment” when I contacted each of the hotels.

What was surprising was their genuine surprise and consternation, not perhaps that so many were carrying on with other men and women, but that anyone would carry out such a poll.

Which begs the question: what kind of people would divulge where they go to have a bit on the side?

Surely discretion is paramount when you are with your paramour, but then this is a quality that is sadly lacking in all areas of our society, fuelled by social networking sites, so that people who once would have kept their traps shut about the most intimate areas of their life, are up for making all that’s private now for public consumption.

As for the Mr and Mrs Smiths checking in, there are men and women “willing to talk openly to me about their experiences on and off the site”.

Discretion, certainly the better part of valour, and keen judgement has quite gone out the window. We have become desensitised to knowing what is strictly your’s and nobody else’s business.

So many are so eager to bare all and share all, especially on social networking sites.

Their attention-seeking has addled the brain. Relationships are discussed in detail, ailments, depression and now those locked in adulterous affairs.

Adultery has and will be with us for all time. We all know the Jack the Lads; the bosses going with their secretaries and when caught in flagrante delicto, some have wives pathetic enough to stick by them and help them reinvent themselves as pillars of the community.

Then there are the arch seducers, serial adulterers and Mata Hari’s. All flawed. That’s human nature. But to be up for discusssing the details of their sordid affairs, it’s as if they are crying out for a confessional.

Given the majority of their hotel haunts are of the budget chain variety, either in city centres or on major roads, where anonymity is easier to preserve, it shows cheating spouses put convenience of location and economy over luxury and romantic hideaways.

No surprise there then, for those who have just one thing on their mind – getting down to business at a knock-down price.

What plenty of hotels have had to drop is the marketing ploy of engaging with their customers, sending out letters to Mr and Mrs, under the assumption that they had both been their guests and inviting them to return at a reduced rate.

It wrecked countless marriages when wives confronted their husbands with: “We’ve never stayed there,” only to discover he had, but with his mistress and his other big mistake was signing in under his real name.

Just too cocky for his own good.