Linda Colling: Shameless Sally Bercow

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BROKEN Britain and David Cameron’s knee-jerk fightback is to talk about instilling in our children and young people “the decency, discipline and sense of duty that makes good citizens”.

Now on his fifth holiday of the year, has the PM had a touch too much sun to even think any such campaigning talk stands a chance when you have shameless Sally Bercow flaunting herself on Celebrity Big Brother?

How tawdry a society we live in when those in the upper echelons sink to such depths on the reality shows that this country is fixated with.

Once it would have been unthinkable that a woman in her position would have posed provocatively in a sheet for a magazine against the backdrop of the Houses of Parliament, let alone go on this show.

And then to admit to saying she talked her husband into allowing her to join the house after a “dirty weekend in Devon which left him happy if breathless”.

What a pathetic society that feeds on shows such as this.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for a man who lets me do something he really doesn’t want me to do because he knows I really want to do it,” she trills.

Well, looking at the sad face of her 5ft 6” husband, who is in India, she’s dragging him down.

Mrs Bercow, 41, admitted he was “not happy” about it when she entered the house on Thursday.

“No,” she insists “we won’t be heading to the divorce courts, even though it might disappoint a few people.”

How long before Ladbrokes are laying bets?

Clearly an exhibitionist, she has now struck up an unlikely friendship with a former bare-knuckle fighting gypsy, Paddy Doherty, 51, in the House.

And in the meantime, the Bercow’s children are being cared for by their nanny in London.

What signals does her behaviour and loose talk send out to the country?

Meanwhile David Cameron proclaims: “Family is back at the top of the agenda.” As he hammers on about manners and moral values and every school should be a place where children learn these, that’s another non-starter.

While he acknowledges that the first place people learn these is in the home, I maintain that it is not schools but the home that has this responsibility.

And it’s totally short-sighted to think that children from dysfunctional families will change their ways if their teachers tell them different.

All his talk about pushing through radical new changes to the upbringing and education of children is empty talk.

There’s been such a moral decline that all people seem to care about now are that the X Factor is back on Saturday and “will Sally Bercow get the boot?”.

How low can you go? She prompted this bizarre discussion between her fellow housemates Amy Childs, a beautician from the soap The Only Way is Essex, and failed X Factor contestants Jedward.

Struggling to understand the nature of Mrs Bercow’s celebrity status, Childs told the twins: “She’s an MP. An MP means she owns... I think she sort of owns the House of Commons, she owns it with her husband.”