Linda Colling: No teeth to government dog idea

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WHAT a nonsense. What a waste of time and money.

Microchipping dogs will do nothing to control rogue ones for the simple reason their owners are are a law unto themselves.

They don’t care where their kids are, never mind their dogs.

Those who let their offspring run wild on the streets won’t give a tuppenny toss, let alone fork out £35 to have their dog chipped. And how will this be policed?

For the Government to come up with this is a nonsense because it won’t stop the irresposnible owners with dangerous dogs from letting them loose to sink their teeth into a child, a postie or anyone else they seize on to savage.

The 7s 6d or 371/2p dog licence was abolished in 1988 because it was ineffectual. So many people just didn’t bother. And that’s what will happen with this microchipping. There’s no teeth to it.

And it will do nothing to tackle the problem of the growing number of dangerous dogs. Nor do I accept this will penalise law-abiding dog owners.

Responsible owners like myself have their dog chipped. But we are thin on the ground.

That’s why so many dogs going mental, locked up all day in houses, inappropriate breeds taken on by ignorant people who want status symbol rottweilers and staffies.

That’s until the dog starts chewing the house to bits and then it’s out on its ear. That’s why more and more dogs are being dumped and it’s getting worse in our disposable society.

Fed up with your hound? Foist the problem onto somebody else. Drive it to somewhere it doesn’t know, dump it and drive off. Tie it to lampost, a fence on a footpath is a favourite and count on someone taking pity on it.

We are noted as a nation of dog lovers, but the reality is there are more irresponsible owners who are literally giving their pet a dog’s life.

And it’s nothing to do with what strata of society you are from. Increasing numbers are keeping dogs they haven’t got time for. And it’s all too easy to give a dog a bad name.

There’s no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners. Any dog can turn aggressive and destructive, unmanageable and badly behaved but the dogs don’t do it themselves. They are driven to it, fastened in and not exercised. It’s cruelty and when they do get out they are a danger.

Week in and week out, dogs of all shapes and sizes, so often desperately emaciated and with horrendous skin complaints arrive at Cleadon Kennels.

In 13 years as manager, Sarah Wilkinson has never seen the problem of unwanted pets as bad as it is today. The plight of man’s best friend is appalling. Last week 23 dogs were brought in, the week before 25, but sometimes it’s as many as 45.

Sarah says: “There’s a lot more irresponsibility. It is a throwaway society.” She wonders why in the world people take on certain breeds, like a husky which is bred to pull sledges in the snow, and like gun dogs, have masses of energy and will turn destructive if cooped up all day.

She reckons if you want a dog that is happy to laze about, get a retired greyhound. But the fact is all dogs need looking after. Neglectful owners who let their flea-ridden dogs scratch until they rip their own hair out, rather than buy a flea solution, won’t be forking out for any microchip.

Law or no law, they’ll ignore it, like so much else they get away with. Catch them if you can. No chance.