Linda Colling: ‘No shame. No self respect. No ladies’

Charlotte from Geordie Shore
Charlotte from Geordie Shore
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As far as I remember in the last episode I saw of Downton Abbey, I didn’t hear Lord Grantham ask Jane, the maid he fancied, to “get your knockers out.”

Presumably that’s why millions tune into ITV’s period hit, which harks back to when ladies were ladies and sex was kept behind closed doors.

So, it’s saddening to see and light years away from Downton, Denise Welch getting her knockers out and more sickening, cheap, reality television with the return of Geordie Shore that so shames our region.

“You’ve seen nowt yet,” promised Sunderland’s Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, who at 21 is revelling in having made a name for herself with displays of drunkenness and coarseness.

No shame. No self respect. No ladies. Shocking to think that the lure of fame would so entice women to ever more low and lewd behaviour. What with Denise Welch’s displays of drunkeness and flashing her boobs on Big Brother, now Charlotte and co are committed to being ever more shocking.

She has no regrets and says: “Yes, I have bared all on national television but I don’t regret any of it. I know that when I’m older I’ll be able to watch some of the best years of my life back, which is not something everyone can do.”

And maybe one day when she’s a mother she will see herself in quite a different light.

The dire and disgusting has become commonplace. So much so, reality shows like this have to sink to ever greater depths of depravity to shock. And there’s always new wannabes to exploit who have no scruples.

Everybody wants to be famous and whereas once, young women aspired to noble careers, now they want to be a WAG or a Jordan.

The fame factor comes at a price. And those who have no moral compass have no qualms whatsoever and are prepared to pay whatever that price is.

Denise Welch says she only took part in Big Brother to pay the tax man. Was it worth it? What sad exhibitionism from a woman of 53 who should know better. She shames not only herself but husband Tim Healy and her sons.

It’s not for the first time and I doubt it will be the last. Apart from her penchant for flashing her “perfect natural assests”, jumping topless into a hot tub with a 19-year-old Frankie Cocozza, she’s a serial embarrassment to womanhood and started the week with denials that she has cheated on her husband twice in the last year.

And then, in a tearful return to Loose Women, turned on the water works at how people are trying to cash in on the back of her success. But, then that’s just part of the price you pay if you are prepared to sacrifice and compromise your standards for filthy lucre.

As boundaries become more fudged, standards are constantly eroded by those who have no qualms about sullying themselves. No modesty or morals, it’s par for the course. And if it’s on TV, others think it’s OK too.

That’s why the same is played out, not just in back alleys in the town but even in a nightspot where a friend’s 21-year-old daughter last Saturday saw a couple copulating. Ten minutes later and he’d moved on to someone else. Girls who put so low a price on themselves are asking for all they get. That’s the saddest bit of all.

They may have done it upstairs, downstairs, in the butler’s pantry and the lady’s chamber in Downton Abbey, but there was discretion in an era when the epitome of womanhood was propriety, a ladylike demeanour, so prized in all its virtue, to reign supreme whatever class you were from.