Linda Colling: Naked wedding? No thanks!

Sam and Paul Mason had the wedding of their dreams without the price tag
Sam and Paul Mason had the wedding of their dreams without the price tag
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SO calamitous cameraman Clayton Bennett cost a Sunderland couple dearly, missing all the key shots of their wedding day and leaving Martin and Heidi Shubrook horrified with an amateurish video of snaps of grass, guests’ feet and backs, strangers and a deserted dance floor.

They successfully sued Bennett, whose ironically named Lasting Impressions business has not surprisingly gone to the wall. The bride wept when she saw his “wonky” shots.

Contrast this couple with Kelly Clinton and Lee Wiggets, whose wedding day pics are of them naked.

Some snaps to look back on – the groom with a top hat over his private parts and the bride, except for a lacy thong and veil, filmed taking her vows in the buff.

It seems there are no lengths people will not stoop to for money. This duo won a competition to have a naked wedding paid for by a Birmingham radio station, and tied the knot at a hotel, watched by their two children family and friends.

How the registrar kept her face straight I’ve no idea.

The couple, who have been together 11 years, said financial difficulties has always prevented them having their dream wedding. Some dream day.

Although the bride said: “For a dream wedding it doesn’t matter where you do it or what you are wearing as long as you are marrying the person you want to.”

Showing up naked on your wedding day, they showed themselves up with this cheap stunt. Getting wed in the altogether just isn’t the done thing.

And no matter how strapped couples are for cash, there can’t be many who would want to make such an exhibition of themselves on a day so precious.

Over at the pitman’s cathedral, St Hild and St Helen’s church, Dawdon, is wonderfully catering for couples who want to wed but can’t afford to.

Sam and Paul Mason had the most delighhtful of wedding days on a budget thanks to the brilliant bridal service which gives bride, bridesmaids and bridegroom all the gear for free.

Sam, 35, and Paul, 34, pictured, from Easington, thought it “absolutely brilliant” that they were able to pick from wedding day outfits couples have given since pastor David Taylor and his wife Barbara decided to take the financial strain off couples who want to marry but are held back by costs.

Brides can choose from a selection of gowns that have been donated and as well as bridesmaids dresses and suits for the groom, they aren’t charged anything for the wedding service.

It’s such a great idea that the BBC is now going to make a documentary about Barbara, David and their unique church.

Producer Tiffany Thomas, who is to marry soon, tells me she thinks it so topper that she would love to hear from couples interested in getting married at St Hild’s and film some of the weddings taking place in the church over the next year.

Meanwhile “Marriage Matters” did just that for 14 couples who wed there last year.

With eight forthcoming weddings, more gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride outfits, suits, hats and wedding accessories are needed.

If you can help contact Barbara and David Taylor on 0191 5813295,

And if you would like your wedding day at this church filmed call Tiffany on 07808 582624 or e-mail