Linda Colling: Lewd and immoral

Geordie Shore
Geordie Shore
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SICK to my soul after watching Geordie Shore, the cheapest, foulest, filthiest reality TV show ever.

It should be wiped off our screens forthwith.

The disgusting antics of the cast – including 21-year-old Sunderland lass Charlotte-Letitia Crosby – after one episode has so blackened the North East as a seething hot-bed of promiscuity, drunkeness, copulation and cretinous behaviour that every one of them should put a bag over their head.

What do their mothers and fathers think? Dare they go out?

More than 23,000 people have joined a Facebook page called RIP Geordie Pride slamming the show, with some 4,000 campaigning for it to be axed.

What depths of depravity will people will sink to, to get their faces on TV?  

And how low they will go was woefully portrayed in this show that exploits those so corrupted by the fame phenomenon that they have no self respect, some behaving worse than animals.

I could have been sick even before Sophie Kasaei, 21, wet herself and spewed up drink.

Holly Hagan, 18, flashed her massive FF breasts in a hot tub, performing her party trick of popping a bottle of beer between them for Jay Gardner, 25, to drink from.

She then rolled into bed with Gary Beadle, 23, even though she has a boyfriend. But as she reckons: “I get my boobs out, I can do what I want. They are mine.”

Lewd and immoral, this show pulled in 330,000 viewers, MTV’s largest audience in three years.

It cost them nowt to make – a fridge full of booze for the housemates to get hammered and play up to the cameras as they did so disgustingly.

With a “shag pad” in the Jesmond house, this was sickening and shamed our region as much as every one of the four lasses and four lads shamed themselves.

They are sadly without shame.

Some macho men, more narcisstic morons, pumping iron, up for bedding drunken bimbos they had only met hours earlier met.

A hammered Charlotte in the back of a taxi with Gary after a night on the toon which had ended in a drunken brawl, told him: “You just wannna shag us. I just want to break your heart.”

Earlier she had confessed: “I am going to be a complete slut.”

Her favourite party trick is balancing super noodles from each nipple.

And the TV blurb says: “Charlotte admits she’s terrible in relationships and once got dumped by a boyfriend who labelled her a psycho for breaking into his house and getting into bed with his dad.”

She says, “Girls call me a slut, ex-boyfriends call me a psycho and my mum calls me an idiot.”

I’d go further and say you are beyond the pale, like the rest of this crew.

A sad band of attention seekers with mush for brains, pathetically fancying themselves as hot bimbos and irresistible hunks.

Get a grip of the real world and proper jobs instead of being exploited for the chance of being famous.

As for stars, the only ones you misguided losers will see is when you’re comotosed in a drunken stupour.

I wouldn’t lower myself to watch this ever again, and pray that it is axed and there’s no show tonight.