Linda Colling: It’s the taking the ‘P’ hen

Nichola Crombie
Nichola Crombie
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HAVING taken the proverbial P, bride-to-be Nichola Crombie can now go out on it with her curfew lifted so she could stay out late for her hen do this week and on her wedding day.

It renders totally meaningless her electronic tag order, which was imposed this week for six months with an 8pm curfew after Crombie, 31, of Rochdale Road, Red House, was involved in burgling a pal’s house, the godmother to her three-year-old son.

Allowing her to party at a hen do and on her wedding night, makes a mockery of the punishment that was meted out as part of a suspended sentence.

Missing out on these nights are the very ones that would have hammered home the message of the error of her ways. That’s the point of punishment.

With a string of convictions, Crombie should have been confined to quarters.

Destined for jail, she got off lightly, saved by a plea of mercy from the friend, Lorraine Anderson of Reading Road, Red House, who she conned into giving her the alarm code for her home.

Crombie passed this on to two people – who 14 months on have still not been brought to justice, for breaking in while the family were away.

Wedding or no wedding, that’s no reason for any judge to soften the blow for any bride-to-be.

She’s lucky to be on the outside to have any wedding on June 25 and will no doubt be laughing up her sleeve at soft-touch Judge Wood falling for her plea to have a heart.

How rich coming from someone who had none for her friend...