Linda Colling: Frog prince?

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SO are you having one? Only four street parties in Sunderland for the Royal Wedding says it all.

People just aren’t interested. The vast majority I met couldn’t give a toss. Some, who didn’t even know when the big day is, reckoned it was just another day, not worthy of celebrating.

In The Barnes Hotel the comments of women of all ages reflected the nation’s total lack of royal fervour. The wedding is more a turn-off with only one-in-three Britons planning to tune in.

Londoners might be having a right Royal knees up, but it seems folk in the north couldn’t care less.

I don’t reckon that’s because so many don’t know their neighbours, nor even a dislike of the Royals, more a total disregard for them. Such has been the shift since Charles and Di’s wedding day.

The mystique and magic has evaporated. So too has the adulation once accorded to the royal family.

While there’s still respect for the Queen and Princess Anne, the time has now gone when families would be glued to the telly for a Royal Wedding.

Nicola Quinn, 26, of Red House and mother to Caleb, nine months, summed the mood up: “I can’t even tell you what day it’s on. I definitely won’t be watching it and I won’t be celebrating.

“I think if Princess Diana was still alive more people would watch it, but I don’t think people are interested.”

Marie Potts, 18, of Red House, told me: “It means nothing to me. It’s just a wedding. I won’t even be celebrating.”

Jill Corner, 32, from Penshaw, mother of Alex, seven months, a medical secretary at Sunderland Royal, said: “I will put the wedding on, but I won’t celebrate it.

I think since Diana died I’m not that interested.”

Indeed. That’s why in the lives of millions, celebs now reign supreme, not the royals in the fascination stakes.

Samantha Hilton, 25, a mother of one from Red House, said: “I’m not interested. I’d rather watch Katie Price get married than them.”

No-one was excited about the day. Some weren’t even certain that they would watch it.

“Probably, I think I would like to see it,” said mother-of-two, Debra Smith, 41, of Colchester Terrace, a WRVS manager at the Eye Infirmary.

Her friend, Julie Stubbs, 41, a mother-of-two from Torquay Road, Thorney Close, said: “I will have a look to see what she looks like.

“If there was football on the other side my husband would rather watch that.”

It is the groom, mother-of-two Lesley Longstaff, of East Herrington, wants to see: “I watched him when he was eleven behind his mother’s funeral car and I want to see him on a happy occasion.”

I couldn’t find anyone who will be waving a Union Jack or even buying them at Penshaw Co-Op, a stone’s throw from where Kate’s forbear was a washer woman.

Given we have no big screen event like the folks of Shields, whose council has guaranteed a front-seat view of the Royal Wedding at South Marine Park, I wonder why our council didn’t make a right Royal day to remember with the official opening of re-vamped Barnes Park on the wedding day instead of May 21? Afraid of being eclipsed by Kate?

I’ll be watching the frogs in our pond and pondering if Prince William was possibly a frog in a past life, given his wedding day is Save The Frogs Day.

I won’t be feasting on battered frogs legs or tapioca for pud, but raising a Kermit cocktail to the happy couple.

That’s four shots blue curacao, four shots vodka topped up with pineapple juice or orange, crushed ice – shaken not stirred.