Letter of the week: Will Nigel Farage stand corrected in Sunderland in 2019?

Mr Farage will be in Sunderland on March 16.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 3:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 3:33 pm
Nigel Farage on the UKip campaign trail in 2015.

Before he begins his Leave Means Leave march, can he take the opportunity to rectify the incorrect statements made in 2016?

At the time he stood in front of a poster depicting a column of migrants who had nothing to do with the EU: they were asylum seekers, mostly escaping the conflict in Syria.

Can I expect Mr Farage to acknowledge that asylum-seeking arises from humanitarian crises and that the EU has been part of the solution, as the deal negotiated by the EU with Turkey in 2016 helped to reduce the numbers?

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Will he admit he lied when the said that Turkey was about to join the EU?

And will he admit that the bus promising £350million a week for the NHS was a lie, as the economic damage from Brexit exceeds our modest contribution to the EU?

What worries me most about Mr Farage’s new campaign is the misplaced “betrayal” rhetoric, whose aim is to foster anger, the same anger which has result in a vile campaign of intimidation against MPs not agreeing with his views.

Brexit has not been betrayed, it has been cocked up by the Brexiteers.

They had no plan when they triggered Article 50 and no willingness to accept a sensible solution that could command a majority in Parliament.

Mr Farage says that the problem is the “Westminster elite”.

But you just have to look at his background, or that of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, to understand who is the elite.

Brexit has paralysed our political system: the obvious solution is to put it back to the people with a referendum on Theresa May’s deal.

Giuseppe Enrico Bignardi