Letter of the week: Time for Sunderland's 'outstanding' fans to forget the Jimmy Hill incident

Sunderland fans pictured during the recent Coventry City game.
Sunderland fans pictured during the recent Coventry City game.

I was at the recent Sunderland versus Coventry City game, I am a Coventry fan and I would like to praise the stewards, police and Sunderland fans from getting of the bus to be greeted by friendly police and stewards with fans saying welcome  to Sunderland.

We went in the Wheatsheaf where it was a mix of fans and I never saw any trouble.

We also went in the other pub just over the road where Sunderland fans where so friendly.

I was sat in second row of top tier and there where police and stewards standing in front of us.

When we came out there was a row of police with a few Sunderland fans the other side, it was a perfect day.

Then the next day I heard the reports of missiles and glasses thrown over.

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These fans should be banned for life as every club has them.

I have nothing but praise for Sunderland from top to bottom.

One of the best grounds and fans in the league and I know because I have been to all 92.

I just wish we could all forget the Jimmy Hill incident and all get on, like my experience on Saturday.

Once again thank you

John Leekey,

Coventry City fan.