Knife crime is a cold, calculated violence

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Theresa May convened a gathering of more than 100 experts to discuss knife crime, which was called a disease.

Knife crime is, in fact, a cold calculated act of violence carried out by those who choose to live outside the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

At Mrs May’s gathering were youth workers, self-styled community leaders and others who perceive themselves to be well-meaning, so I can predict the findings.

Pragmatism and straight talking will be avoided. They will say it is society’s fault and not down to the perpetrators. Instead of punishment we need therapy and treatment.

Racism will be seen as a factor.

Most young people in this country of all races and social backgrounds never break the law.

Those committing knife crime need to be stopped in their tracks.

It’s the so-called called experts who have got us into this mess. Ineffectual politicians, police and crime commissioners have no clue and the justice system is a joke.

Thanks to the demands of political correctness, frontline police have lost the respect of many.

Criminals don’t fear the law or the judicial system which are meant to back up the police.

Scott Andrews