Katie Bulmer-Cooke: My tips for the last three in The Apprentice

Vana is emerging as a good team player in this year's The Apprentice.
Vana is emerging as a good team player in this year's The Apprentice.
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Oh my word, I loved this week's task. The teams were charged with setting up their own handy man businesses and generating the highest profit possible.

Lord Sugar gave Elle a hard time over missing the print deadline for the leaflets, but seriously, in 2015, are we still using leaflets as a main marketing tool?

It's so old school! How about we give the candidates a relevant task like using the internet and using some Facebook ads?

I feel like a broken record with what I'm about to say, but I'm saying it anyway...how is Selina still in the process?

She has zero energy and whinges about getting her hands dirty, both are seriously unattractive traits in a business partner.

I was gutted to see that two of my favourite candidates didn't perform too well this week.

David lost this 'go team!' enthusiasm and Elle didn't have the experience to manage her team, and to make matters worse this task was based in the same industry she works in (we all know Lord Sugar doesn't like it when this happens, so she was always going to be fired if her team lost...and they did).

This week I was really impressed with Joseph, who showed great leadership skills and solid common sense.

As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, Vana is coming up on the outside as a good team player who speaks a lot of sense.

I felt for Brett in the boardroom, he gave a strong, professional performance with excellent attention to detail during the task, yet Lord Sugar came down on him for it.

In real business life, it's people who care about their customer and delivering quality service who are memorable and successful, so high five to Brett!

The big business lessons from this week's task are:

1. Only promise the customer what you can actually deliver, unlike Scott did by promising one customer a full garden makeover when all he had the time and resources to do was a little weeding.

2. Know your value and work out your costings correctly, unlike April did when selling her sub-team's services for just £10 per hour.

3. Strong leadership is key to a successful team as Joseph demonstrated brilliantly.

I'm going to be brave and predict my final 3 this week...




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