KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Mo is a brilliant role model

Mo Farrah
Mo Farrah
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A week has now passed since we celebrated National Mackem Day and I’m still buzzing from the fantastic event that was held to celebrate it at The Royalty.

Now I’m not much of a going ‘out-out’ person, I’m more of a put your PJs on as soon as you get in from work kinda girl, but I’d happily get my glad rags on and go to an event like that every Friday night.

I couldn’t write this week’s column without giving a huge high five to Paul Swinney for putting on a proper class night (said in true Mackem style).

The atmosphere was brilliant and I laughed all the way through.

Paul highlighted the fact that we really do have our own language here in Sunderland, and as he brought up some of the words from The Mackem Dictionary on screen, I couldn’t help but agree and of course laugh.

From the way we describe the weather as ‘card’ and ‘brassic’ to the way we describe each other using words such as ‘radge packet’ (I know a canny few radge packets!).

I read a few of the words from the dictionary to some of my southern friends, most of whom think you’re northern if you live north of the Watford Gap, and they had no clue what any of them meant...as if people don’t know what a ganzie is!

I left the event absolutely buzzing and full of enthusiasm for our wonderful city.

I interview Paul on my new TV show Fit in the Kitchen in a few weeks time I’m definitely going to push for him to make it a weekly thing and suggest that every Friday is Mackem Friday!

I literally came out as enthused after that night as I do when I attend a business or motivational event.

Speaking of being a proud Mackem, last week I was asked to become an Official Ambassador for the city.

I’m over the moon to be asked as being from Sunderland means an awful lot to me.

I’m incredibly proud of our city and the things that go on here. When you look around the city it’s clear to me that we have a massive amount of really positive things to shout about, from the ever developing city centre and businesses to the beaches, parks, and above all, the people that make great things happen for Sunderland.

I’ve been totally addicted to the Olympics over the last few weeks. Great Britain have exceeded all expectations and it’s more than clear that the legacy of London 2012.

I mist be going soft since I turned 30, as I’ve cried at every single GB medal win. A major highlight for me was seeing Laura Trott win her fourth Olympic gold medal. She is a machine and at only 24 years old she has achieved so much.

And of course you can’t do anything other than love Mo Farrah. He’s a true athlete and sports man in every sense of the word, getting up after a fall during the race, dusting himself off and then charging to victory! If ever there was a brilliant role model, Mo is the man!