KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Leave the PJs for the bedroom

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This week has been an unusual one...I think we may have a city-wide problem, as I’ve spotted way too many people out in public in their pyjamas.

Now I like my comfy clothes as much as the next person, and love nothing more than a good item of active wear and trainers. There may well have been the odd time that I’ve even put left my pyjamas on under my active wear to run to my neighbour’s house, but I’m not really down with the idea of wearing the pyjamas on the outside, you know, as the main outfit.

Just this week, I’ve seen people in pyjamas on the school run, in the supermarket and walking their dog.

Whatever happened to smarting up, and just putting some clothes on to go out?

My grandad is 83, and still makes sure he wears a well ironed shirt, smart trousers and sometimes a tie, every single day, even if he is just popping over the road to the little shop to grab a pint of milk and a loaf of bread or to put his bets on at the betting shop, and he had never deviated from that, even during times when he hasn’t been in the best of health...so why are so many people thinking it is ok just casually knock around in their night wear?

While I do think everyone should make enough of an effort to simply get dressed in clothes to go out, there is some comedy value to be found in the subject.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a Facebook page (which shall remain nameless as it does contain some unsavoury language) that posts photographs of people who’ve been spotted in and around Sunderland in their pyjamas and I must confess it’s made me giggle.

The page has posted everything from a guy in his dressing gown and slippers picking up a take away, to another man wearing batman pyjamas in a restaurant and people just generally knocking around the city.

The Facebook page is very active and has daily posts, many of which involve sleep wear out on the streets, which tells me that clearly the pyjama wearing trend is catching on if there is enough content to keep this page going. But in all seriousness, as funny as some of the posts are, I do think us grown ups should be setting a better example for our kids, just like our grandparents did...get up, get ready and present ourselves as best week can.

If we don’t, before we know it, people will be rocking up for work, job interviews, dates and goodness knows what else in their PJs. Let’s try not to become known as the city that never gets dressed! Here’s to wearing clothes in public!