Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Get your trainers on for charity

Colin Burgin-Plews
Colin Burgin-Plews
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One of my favourite things in life is running, and I am currently in full training mode for the Sunderland 10k.

It’s not far away now, and by the end of this week as we move into April, me and my fellow runners will be saying ‘the 10k is next month’.

And one of my favourite people, Colin Burgin-Plews, aka ‘The Big Pink Dress’, is going to be officially starting the run, and last week he hit the streets of Sunderland to walk the route ahead of May 7.

For anyone who doesn’t know Colin, he is one of the most lovely people I’ve ever met and the heart and effort he puts into raising charitable funds is simply incredible. He takes part in all kinds of runs and challenges and organises charity nights, which in itself is highly commendable, but to take things to new heights he does it all dressed in a giant pink dress and head gear, which I must add, he makes himself! Now that’s one talented guy.

If Colin can make it around the course in a big (in this case red and white) dress, carrying the weight of it and coping with the increased heat it brings, to raise money for a range of charities, I’m pretty certain that we can all have a good go at it in our gym gear.

There are many charities in Sunderland that could do with some extra fundraising help and deserve recognition for the work they do in the city, so why not bite the bullet and get involved in the 10k and in the process help out a local charity. There is still time to enter, it’s not too late to start training and you can really make a difference.

There are people I speak to about running who say they don’t think they could do it, or they aren’t fit enough. But the truth is the body is capable of great things, you don’t have to run the whole course, it’s totally fine to walk too if you need to and you will be very proud of yourself when you cross the finish line.

So what are you waiting for? Get registered (there is still time), get your trainers on, help out a local charity and do something great for yourself, your health and a city charity.