KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Get ready for the Beyoncé boom

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It’s been big news this week, not just in our glorious city, but across the North East. It’s been on the radio, locally and nationally. It’s all over Facebook and Twitter. It’s been quite literally the talk of the town ... Beyoncé is coming to Sunderland!

 This is major news. Possibly the most well-known female singer on the whole planet has chosen our city to pitch up in and perform.

 Yes, of course this is great for all of her northern fans, especially us Sunderland lot, but it’s a fantastic opportunity for local businesses.

 Tens of thousands of people are going to arrive in our city, wanting to be fed, watered, clothed and entertained. They will need transport, accommodation and they may well want to experience the sights and sounds of the city (there is definitely an opportunity there for some kind of tour bus I’m sure).

 Basically, if we want to maximise the Beyoncé boom then we need to plan now.

 I’ve already started, so keep an eye out for the Beyoncé Butt fitness programme, and I’ll be telling the hubby to get a Beyoncé Boiler Installation deal on too (wink wink!).

 Just one final note on the concert, let’s not make it an absolute binge drinking fest and show ourselves up.

 For goodness sake the tickets are a whooping £80 each, lets at least remember it!

You may recall that I’m in the middle of rehearsals for Strictly Sunderland, going head-to-head with local business people and personalities on Thursday 10th March at the Quayside Exchange in a bid to win £2k for my chosen charity.  

Well, there was me thinking that teaching fitness classes and dancing the charleston would be pretty similar ... turns out they are worlds apart and this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Not only that, it’s an injury mine field. Last week alone I’ve strained my right hamstring and developed a wonderful bruise on my elbow from trying to pull off a lift.

I’ve gone from excited to needing to run to the loo every time I think about.

And to add to the pressure, my friends and family are coming to watch. Stuart, my dance partner, on the other hand, looks amazing when he dances, which only serves to make me look more like an amateur. God help me!