KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Event should be a knock-out!

Co-host Ricky Hatton
Co-host Ricky Hatton
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I’ve been keeping a big secret for the last couple of months and this week I’ve finally been able tell everyone the exciting news.

Last year I was extremely honoured to host The National Fitness Awards, which were held at the prestigious Athena venue in Leicester.

Now these awards are essentially the fitness industry’s equivalent to the National Television Awards, the only real difference being that the fitness awards aren’t televised.

Essentially, The National Fitness Awards are massive. They are sponsored and supported by some of the industry’s biggest brands and companies and it’s a major highlight on the fitness calender, so I’m sure you get the picture that they are kind of a big deal and that I was past myself when I was asked to host them.

The awards evening in 2015 was second to none and I boxed it very firmly in my bank of career highlights and happy memories.

So, you can imagine my delight when I was asked to host them again in 2016, especially as previous hosts have never been given the gig twice!

That news alone had me dancing around my office. But then, two weeks later I got the call to tell me who my co-host would be.

2015 saw me host alongside olympic swimmer, Steve Parry, who was awesome to work with, so I was really keen to find out who I’d be working with this year.

I really wasn’t ready for what this year’s phone call had in store for me.

I’m a big boxing fan (that’s a clue), I love the sport and I’m always happy to part with my money in order to get the fights on Sky Sports, like the Kel Brook fight last weekend.

So, I really should have been sitting down for the big news that my co-host for 2016 would be, boxing legend, Ricky Hatton.

I am so excited to not just meet Ricky, but to work with him too. I feel like things like this don’t happen, but luckily for me, in December, they will.

This week it was also great to get involved with ‘National Stand in Front of a Door’ week, also known as the kids going back to school.

I did have a little chuckle to myself, as I’m sure many people did, as I scrolled through my Facebook news feed to see lots of lovely photographs of kids wearing their new uniforms and taking part of what has now become the annual tradition of having your photograph taken on your first day back to school in front of either a door or a fire place (location is everything).

I love taking this photograph every year, although we break the rules a little and take it with the plain bedroom wall as the background, as it really shows how much Heidi changes and grows every year.

Time really does go too quickly and before I know it this year will be over and I’ll be taking next academic year’s photo, so here’s to a great school year for all our kids all over the city and seeing them have the best time at school, achieving lots of fantastic things along the way.