KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Celebrate your wins big time!

Katie and her Portfolio award in 2012 with Mel Donaghue of Barclays
Katie and her Portfolio award in 2012 with Mel Donaghue of Barclays
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I’m kicking off my column with some exciting news. This week I’m doing the after dinner speech at the Echo’s Portfolio Awards.

I love these awards and have been attending for the last four years, ever since I won the Young Business Award in 2012.

Coincidentally, the after dinner speaker that year was notorious ex-Apprentice candidate, Katie Hopkins...maybe that was a sign of things that were to come!

Despite her hideous comments in the press and on TV these days, she was an excellent and very entertaining speaker who had clearly done her homework on the area and wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself.

The awards are a fantastic celebration of all things business in our city, and we have an awful lot to celebrate.

It really is a fantastic night at the Stadium of Light and the events team do a smashing job.

I can’t wait to see who this year’s winners will be.

If you are one of the winners make sure you celebrate big time and use the win to its full potential...tell your customers, publications within your industry and shout from the roof tops how brilliant your business is!

There were winners and losers this week as one of my favourite television shows is back on the box, with the first episode hitting our screens on Thursday. The Apprentice has such a big following and I love it every year, although it’s much less stressful watching it at home rather than sitting in front of Lord Sugar in the boardroom.

I always will the girls to be good and stand out in the process, but sadly I think this year’s female candidates may be a disappointment if the first episode’s task is anything to go by. They sold their items for any old price, with no structure and sense of strategy.

When they found themselves back in the boardroom as the losing team it was a total car crash.

I think one thing they have particularly missed the point with is that it doesn’t matter if you ‘got on’ with each other or had a good time, in The Apprentice process it’s all about business.

The boys on the other hand did an excellent job. They held their nerve with their high pricing structure, had a clear plan and played to the strengths of the team.

Paul stepped up to be project manager and did a cracking job...I think he could be one to watch.

I’m in full on telly lover mode at the minute, which to be fair I haven’t really got time for at the moment as I’m about to open the doors of my brand new business venture (more about that next week), but I am such a big reality TV show fan, with one of my favourites being X-Factor.

That said, what’s the crack with these novelty acts this year? Those lads in a crazy crop tops talking about under cooked chicken should never have got a place on live shows over my favourite duo Tom and Laura...absolutely bonkers.