Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Cash in on the latest fashions

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I’ve had a nostalgic week, and it all started last Monday when I was asked to speak at a national conference for schools.

The idea of the event was to help those involved in marketing the school, to come up with new ideas to get both kids and parents engaged with the school and ultimately influence which school parents choose to send their kids to.

I delivered a keynote on how schools can use social media to their advantage and as part of the presentation I included a photograph of my 12 year old self, dressed in my Farringdon School uniform.

It’s fair to say that the photograph got more than a few laughs, exclusively down to the fact that I was wearing big, frilly, white socks over the top of thick black tights. What on earth was I thinking? It must have been fashionable at the time, as all of my mates wore them too.

The response to the photograph got me thinking about how fashions have changed over the years and all of the little trends that have been, swept Sunderland and then disappeared as quickly as they came. Do you remember the super bright hair scrunchies, usually in pink, yellow, orange and green, that us girls stacked on top of each other at the base of their pony tail? At their height of fashion, around 1995, they were so popular that even local fruit and veg shops were selling them and there were even reports of people having them stolen from their heads while wearing them, because they were in such short supply and demand was so high!

Fast forward a few years and it was time for Adidas ‘poppers’ to shine. Who would have thought that tracksuit bottoms with press studs up the sides would be quite so popular. I remember wearing them as a teenager and teaming them with a cream ‘Kickers’ jumper…oh how fashionable I thought I was!

It seems that unusual fashions just keep emerging, and fast forward to 2017 and who would have thought that so many people would be out and about in Sunderland in big coats with wolves on the back? Where has this trend come from? I literally spot someone in a wolf jacket everyday!

It appears to me that the kids of our wonderful city are doing a better job in the new-trend stakes than the adults, with so many girls sporting over-sized hair bows. I think they are super cute and much more socially acceptable than the giant, glow in the dark hair scrunchies from back in my day (goodness I sound old!).

I wonder what will be the next fashion fad to grab our attention in Sunderland? One thing is for sure, if you’re first to the party, there is a lot of money to be made from cashing in on the latest trend to sweep the city…remember Flossy shoes…I’d guess that whoever managed to get their hands on a boat load of them will have made a packet…and good on them too.

I’d love to know what your favourite fashions were, so why not tweet me with your pics to @katiebulmer1 on Twitter.