KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Apprentice candidates are Tweeting too much

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I’ve been watching this year’s Apprentice every week but I think I’m about to switch off!

I’ve always loved the show and been a huge fan and having been a part of it last year, I was mega excited to tune in for this series but this year the candidates have spoilt it for me.  

Not because they haven’t been good to watch, entertaining or smart (well!), but because they’ve given too much away on social media.

A huge part of the show’s success comes from not having a clue, each week, who will be fired by Lord Sugar.

Never before have candidates tweeted about or posted Facebook statuses about the show ... we weren’t allowed! Last year I couldn’t understand why we weren’t to comment on social media during the time the show was on, but now I totally get it.

Whether they realise it or not, this year, the candidates have not only broken the rules but they’ve given some major hints as to the outcome of each task.

In week 9, before I even watched the show, I’d already read on social media that Scott was going to resign and that Selina wouldn’t be appearing on You’re Fired with Jack Dee, and last week it only took a little reading between the lines on Twitter and Facebook in the hours before the show to work out who was to be staying in the process. It’s a shame, because the show has such a cult following.

As I mentioned in last week’s column, I away in Leicester, hosting The National Fitness Awards. It was a fantastic night, made even better by the fact that I was able to present an award to Club Zest for Ladies Only Gym of the Year.

The gym is on Sea Road in Sunderland so it was super special to see a local business win a massive national award ... so a giant high five to Debra and her team at Club Zest.

Right, prepare yourself, I’m about to climb aboard my soap box ...

This week I’ve started to see the celebrity fitness DVD’s emerge onto the Amazon listings.

While it’s great to see those in the public eye shed some weight and become healthier, let’s just get one thing clear.

No one can get such major results by working out for just a few minutes a day!

Dramatically transforming your aesthetics and health is no easy task. It takes a lot of real hard work and time, and I think that should be made an awful lot clearer to the public, rather than marketing them a very misleading dream.

And while I’m up here on my soap box, come on celebs, please make it a little less obvious, in the summer, that you will have a fitness DVD out just before Christmas. Of course you run along the beach in nothing more than a piece of cheese wire and a very unsupportive bikini top when you’re in the worst shape of your life, just at the exact same time a photographer happens to be hanging around ... NOT!

While we are on my favourite topic, fitness, I’ll hop off the soap box and talk about something very exciting.

The Sunderland City 10k and half marathon is back for 2016 and this year it will be kicking off from Keel Square.

It’s great to be part of it again, helping getting people ready for the event alongside Steve Cram at the Start Me Up For Sunderland sessions which will be held in 2016. I’ll bring you more info about them when it’s released and I’d love to see you there! I’ll be running the 10k with my friend Jo too.

Right, I’m off to finally do some Christmas shopping as I’ve got nothing sorted and I’ve heard the game Heidi has asked for, Pie Face, is like gold dust, so wish me luck!

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