KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Age should not be a barrier

I'm still a football widow
I'm still a football widow
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I’ve been embracing the great outdoors this week and taking my fitness classes out and about around Sunderland in the form of KBC Wireless, a silent disco style workout, whereby everyone wears head phones and can hear the music I’m playing and my coaching via a mic.

It’s ace because we can exercise anywhere and everywhere and not disrupt other people with booming music.

I’m over the moon with how well the classes have gone and how much fun we’ve had while getting fit!

On a more serious note, on Friday it was revealed that as a nation, via majority vote, we decided to leave the EU.

Scrolling through the Facebook feed on Friday and over the weekend it’s been packed with extremely strong opinions (many of which are a bit over the top and are missing the point!) Some people protesting the outcome and some people celebrating.

For me the one thing that has really stood out over the course of the campaign is the scare mongering. In all my years of voting for which political party I want to lead the country, I’ve never felt nervous about putting my cross in the box, but this was another kettle of fish all together.

I felt panicked at voting either way, and as a result can’t help but think that many others may well have felt the same, simply not knowing what to do for the best.

This week I joined forces with the University of Sunderland to support their campaign to prove that age shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to re-educating yourself, going to Uni or following your dreams.

I was asked to comment alongside the likes of Alastair Stewart OBE (which was a big honour). Age got in my way a lot in the early days of my business. At the age of 16, despite the fact I was fully qualified, none of the local health clubs or gyms would give me a chance to teach fitness classes in their facilities because I was too young. So the only way I could get started was to go it alone and hire local community centres and halls and start up my classes on my own.

Fast forward 13 years and my business is thriving, proving that it doesn’t matter how old you are...anything is possible and age is only a number when it comes to achieving your dreams.

So if you’re considering a change in career, trying something new or adding a new string to your bow, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re too old or too young, just go and grab the opportunity with both hands and go for it.

I’m a huge fan of the University of Sunderland’s latest campaign and it’s amazing to see how many people are backing it and offered their encouragement.

The football still has a firm foot hold in the Cooke household.

The television is still on the fence in the garden and all matches are being screened (we could rival the local pub for certain), and I am still a total footy widow.

However, there is still an alternative to the football, as we’ve just filmed another batch of Chatty Lasses episodes to be aired every time the Euros are on air, so if you’re not a football fan, we are covering everything on the show from celeb gossip, journalism, business, magic and even how to be a princess!