It’s embarrassing Sunderland are one of most debt-laden sides in Europe – we have bought failure!

Sunderland owner Ellis Short
Sunderland owner Ellis Short
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Every Sundeland fan knows the club is in financial trouble. But how on earth has it escalated to the point that we are one of the most debt-laden clubs in Europe?

It’s embarrasssing that a club that I still believe has so much going for it, finds itself in such a situation.

It’s embarrasssing that a club that I still believe has so much going for itself, finds itself in such a situation


40,000-plus gates are the norm here, yet clubs like Bournemouth and Burnley (and so many more) can’t get anywhere near those sorts of numbers yet are operating within their means and are more than comfortable.

Sunderland’s fans would not mind so much if the club had got into debt by buying success. But it has been the opposite – we have bought failure with one relegation battle after another.

Some people are of the opinion that dropping down a division and completely rebuilding would be for the best but it’s not something I agree with.

The last thing any club in debt needs is a reduction in revenue and that’s what would happen with far less money coming in from sponsors, TV and advertising and a half-full Stadium of Light in the Sky Bet Championship. The prospect fills me with dread.

The one thing the red and white army have to feel good about is the size of the fan-base itself, I’m one of those people who studies every team’s gates and I know some say it does not matter but to me it does as in times like these it’s something that feels the only thing we have to be proud of.