It makes sense for the elderly to help the young

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The two major problems with our society concern youngsters and the older generation.

When it comes to the young many people are concerned about the crimes they commit and the lack of discipline or respect they show.

With the elderly there is the topic of care.

We rely on an unpaid army of carers to look after them, as well as poorly paid private carers.

There is a simple solution, create properly run and funded youth clubs, but put them next to homes for the elderly.

In return for free membership children under 18 would have to spend say six hours working and talking to the seniors in the home and getting advice and guidance that too many do not receive anymore.

If this system didn’t produce more rounded, law-abiding citizens and help our creaking care system, as well as reduce crime with it’s associated costs, I would be amazed.

Investment by the Government, National Lottery, and an entrepreneur could kick it off.

Scott Andrews