Is it justice giving murderers a life sentence

Recently there have been a number of programmes on the television telling us it’s 25 years since Fred and Rose West were convicted of the rape, torture and murder of nine young women, including one of their own daughters.

Rose is still being looked after in jail, while Fred did all of us a favour by killing himself in jail.

Why are these evil people being allowed to live after they took the lives of their innocent victims?

There are so many of them and there is no doubt they committed their crimes as D&A and forensics tell them they haven’t a leg to stand on.

There is the Yorkshire Ripper who murdered 13 women and has been in jail for years.

Ian Huntley, who murdered two lovely young schoolgirls. His girlfriend Maxine Carr, who cleaned the house, got off with a paltry sentence of about two years.

She must have known what happened.

She was released and given a new identity, and I remember reading later on she was depressed and they gave her a boob job, probably paid by the taxpayer. Why?

She helped the killer to hide his crime.

The most notorious one is Ian Brady and Myra Hindly who lived 30 years.

I wonder how much it’s costing to keep these murderers in jail.

I think they do not deserve a life after they deprived lots of victims of theirs.

The law seems to bend over backwards for these people.

I remember reading the Yorkshire Ripper was injured in an attack in jail and he was provided with Legal Aid to sue for him being attacked when he was in custody.

You could not make it up. Is this justice?

L Lawson,