In case Brexit day is not October 31

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Theresa May and Britain have been granted a Brexit extension by the EU until October 31, All Hollows or Halloween Day depending on where you live.

This is normally a day of escape, monsters and ghouls and Trick or Treat although this time there will be no treat.

As it is likely, based on precedence, that there may be a further extension it is worth looking at a few other possible dates for the final Brexit.

February 2 is the US’s ground hog day where a weasel, a rodent, predicts the future weather although in this case it is likely to be gloomy for a long while.

March 17, St Patrick’s day, could be possible as this celebrates all the snakes being driven out of Ireland although there was no hard border then.

April 1, April fool’s day has been ruled out as nobody is being fooled this time, it’s a complete disaster.

June 6, D Day seems unlikely as that was the landing in Europe, which sadly cost many lives and in this case everyone wants to get out of Europe.

July 4 celebrates the independence of the United States from England so that would be an appropriate day for the EU to consider.

So far there seem few days that would work so it might be best to extend the range of possibilities.

March 21 is World puppetry day and there seems to be a lot of strings being pulled here.

Maybe February 30 could be considered although that is normally teacher appreciation day. In Australia the first Tuesday is Melbourne Cup day, a public holiday for a horse race, where there are many people who bet on a horse race that is almost impossible to predict as horses at 101 to 1 have won and favourites are often beaten. It does show that even events at very long odds are possible.

Perhaps after all these possibilities it may be better to settle on the first Saturday in February, ice cream for breakfast day, a day just as sensible as any of the other possibilities although a lot more fun.

The odds of 101 to 1 could be offered for anyone who is able to pick the final date.

Dennis Fitzgerald