Dad’s Life: Tweed Tuesday

Tweed Tuesday
Tweed Tuesday
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IT’S fair to say that my sons were not pleased to be going back to school.

Despite a Christmas holiday that lasted for three weeks, both Isaac, 14, and Gabriel, 16, thought they needed and deserved more time off.

In the event, school was nowhere near as bad as they envisaged.

In fact, Gabriel said he’d quite enjoyed his first day back. Isaac was nowhere near as positive, but I took his lack of moaning as a good sign.

The key factor for both of them was that they hadn’t been given any homework on their first day – which all changed on their second day back.

It’s amazing how quickly they’ve slipped into their well-worn school routine.

The boys may be unhappy at their return to school, but my wife and I are delighted.

The amount of mess created has more than halved.

GABRIEL, being a sixth former, is able to take part in his school’s Tweed Tuesday tradition. You won’t be surprised to learn, that this involves sixth form pupils dressing themselves in Tweed rather than their usual attire.

Before you ask, I have no idea of when or why this tradition started, but Gabriel was keen to partake. Tweed, however, is expensive, so we spent several hours of the Christmas holidays trawling through charity shops and internet sites to find the right jacket.

We eventually found it in Carlisle, of all places.

He’s as smart as a pin in his new reasonably-priced jacket, but Isaac has been bemused by the whole episode.

He spends his days clad in all of the usual labels, Top Man, Hollister and Super Dry, and can’t understand why anyone under the age of 40 would choose to wear such clothing.

MY regular reader will remember that Isaac is a black belt. He gained the honour in the martial art of ju-jitsu 18 months ago and had been studying toward his second dan qualification.

My wife and I were sorry when his interest waned before Christmas and he didn’t attend a class for more than two months. However, he returned to classes on Monday.

He really enjoyed the class and teaching students younger than himself. It teaches him self-control, displine and how to defend himself – and gives him self-confidence.

It’s great that he’s back on track and hopefully it won’t be too long before he’s a second dan.