Dad’s Life: Thanks for the recipes

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FIRST of all, may I thank the many readers who have sent in recipes.

My last column bemoaned the fact that I’m not a cook, but it is a role I very reluctantly have to fill.

My sons don’t see a problem. They see an adult who they believe to be more capable than they are, so therefore has to be chef.

I struggle by as best I can, but Gabriel, 15, and Isaac, 13, are understandably getting bored with the few variations of pasta and sauce I put before them.

Several kind readers took the time and trouble to send me what they said were simple recipes that could be easily made.

The fact that most of them I’ve tried so far have failed, it is down solely to my utter incompetence rather than any fault with the generously submitted recipes.

Keep them coming – I’m bound to find one that I can manage to produce.

I’m very grateful – as are my (hungry) boys.

* * *

THREE days to go! On Sunday we’re travelling up to Northumberland to collect a new member of our family.

Nero is a 13-week-old kitten and will join our household over the weekend.

I’m not sure who’s more excited, my wife or my sons.

Our cats have always been one of the few things that unite Gabriel and Isaac.

They interact rarely, speak civilly to each other even less frequently, and for the most part live separate existences in our house.

Our cat Tasmin, and her much-missed friend Momo, are a topic of conversation that links them like no other.

Anything that unifies them rather than separates them is a rare and welcome thing.

Unfortunately, they’re still arguing over who will have Nero in their room.

* * *

GABRIEL spent all of last Saturday at a first-aid course.

He has no interest in a medical career, or as a carer, but spent a precious weekend day at the Sea Scout-organised event.

He didn’t particularly enjoy it, but had obviously picked up quite a bit from the course leaders, judging by the conversation in the car once I’d picked him up.

The sole reason why he’d completed the day was so he could put it on a CV.

He’s far from daft my lad, and more than happy to go that extra mile in order to get into his university of choice.

He’s always put the schoolwork in, but is now creating a more rounded CV.

That’s why he’s taken up ju-jitsu, working so hard at his Duke of Edinburgh award and now learning First Aid.

With such determination and foresight I hope he’ll go far.