Dad’s Life: ‘I’m sick of eating off a tray!’

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AFTER what have been five long weeks, Gabriel finally finished his last GCSE exam on Monday.

Our relief is almost as great as his.

Throughout the exam period he has retained a controlled calmness. My wife on the other hand has been far from calm.

She seems to have done all of his worrying for him. In the face of his peacefulness, my wife has fretted, cajoled and panicked.

She’s woken him up well in advance of his exams, badgered him for information on his return from a test and then ‘relived’ the questions, much to his annoyance.

But at last, the tyranny of revision and studying is over for a few months, and Gabriel can enjoy his summer without another thought of school: until results day on August 25.

I’m just pleased to have got my dining room back. It has been Gabriel’s revision ‘den’ for months now and I’m sick of eating off a tray!

ISAAC returned from a recent school trip to Italy without being able to speak a word of Italian.

Now my 13-year-old son is preparing for his German trip, which starts next week.

He tells me the itinerary includes a trip to a chocolate factory, an amusement park and a winery.

I’m not sure any German that he manages to pick up during his trip will be of any use, but the trip sounds great fun.

A LONG summer is stretching out before Gabriel, and not wanting the lad to be bored, I suggested him getting a job.

I delivered papers when I was a teenager, and also helped out on a milk round which meant starts of 3.30am.

I wasn’t suggesting for one moment that he tackle anything quite so energetic, but thought a bit of work would be good for him and his bank balance.

“Nah,” was the considered response.

I re-emphasised the benefits to him and our household.

“Nah,” he said.

I tried a third time.

This time he looked at me long and hard.

“I’ve just got too much to do,” he said.

I still haven’t figured out what’s keeping him so busy.