Dad’s Life: ‘Careful what you wish for!’

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STRIKE day caused divisions in our household. Not on the rights or wrongs of the public sector pensions protest, but on whether the boys should go to school.

Their school was going to be open, but is some miles from where we live so the boys assumed the journey would be too onerous and they’d have the day off.

They weren’t amused when we told them otherwise.

A friend was going to drive them to school, and I would pick them up.

However, the traffic was too much and they eventually turned for home.

The texts from both my boys were euphoric.Their tune had changed, however, when I got home from work.

Gabriel, 16, had spent most of the day in bed after being sick, and Isaac, 13, was bored silly.

Careful what you wish for!

ISAAC never met Steve Bruce, nor is he a big Sunderland fan, but last night he expressed his regret at his sacking.

He wanted to know the reasons behind the sacking. I explained that the team’s results were not what the fans nor the club wanted, and the manager had to pay the price. Isaac accepted this, but said he still felt very sorry for Bruce. I asked why. “He always seemed to be smiling, especially when he was on Sky,” said Isaac.

I’m just sorry that the former manager couldn’t deliver for the club. I met him a few times and he was always polite, charming and interesting.

And yes, he was always smiling.

A decent, honest man who steadied the ship, but couldn’t take the club the next step that the fans demand and deserve.